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"Have Saddle Will Travel"

About Andre'

Andre' Picou

Horse training has been in the Picou family for nearly 75 years! Andre’s dad and uncles used horses and mules on their farm in Southeast, Texas. Two of Andre’s uncles got into riding racehorses, which produced successful careers as jockeys and thoroughbred trainers, and more jockeys. Other of Andre’s family members went from the plow horse to the cow horse, still working cattle from the saddle today.

Aa a kid Andre’ would climb in a saddle every chance he got. “Being in a saddle was where I wanted to be – a 55 gal drum saddled was good playtime for a 5yr old”. Although Andre’ did eventually get to an exercise saddle working racehorses, starting colts and working with problem horses and their owners became his passion. Andre’ has worked with horses and riders of various breeds, disciplines, and experience levels. And for almost 30 years, Andre’ has been helping horses and people work better together.

Andre’ has conducted clinics, training sessions, and taught riding in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Andre’ has been a two time presenter at Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, PetCon Expo  in Washington, Pennsylvania, and has been a two time competitor at Stockhands Horses for Healing colt starting fundraiser. Andre’ has consulted local therapeutic riding stables assisting with maintaining their program horses.

Andre’ uses a simple, common sense approach to working with horses. Andre’ teaches practical principles that WILL work with every horse and every rider regardless of breed, discipline, age, or experience. These fundamental principles of horsemanship when practiced help every horse and rider progress.

“Every horse is the same, and every horse is different – people are all the same, and we’re all different. It takes time to teach a horse and it takes time to teach a person. If we keep teaching and learning, then we progress – and that’s the process. Nobody learns it all overnight; I’ll do it a little better today than yesterday – that’s progress.”

His genuine cowboy demeanor put every one at ease. His gentle yet direct approach to teaching you and your horse not only makes learning simple, but fun and enjoyable. “As a teacher I work to do two things: 1. Treat others the way I want to be treated 2. Be a good student myself.”

Andre’ & his wife of 25 years live in Columbus, Ohio.