Lead your staff, team or apprentice successfully through these three levels of training, and you'll reach the maximum return on your investment.

3 Levels of Leadership Training

  1. The RIGHT Lead.Whether you're training a horse or running a business, long-term success is built on right leadership. When you begin with the "RIGHT" Lead, you're building a secure foundation with fundamental principles for every area of leadership.

    In this symposium you'll learn:
    - What leadership is and what it is not
    - The "ropes" of relationship (team exercise)
    - Learning to be a leader (hands on with horses)

  2. Lead More.Good leaders motivate their followers toward optimal results and efficiency. As the saying goes, "More is caught than taught." With our foundation set, moving to this next level is easy!

    In this symposium, you'll learn:
    - The test of trust and respect
    - How to lead more and lead less (team exercise)
    - Key steps in leading (hands on with horses)

  3. "Cracking the Whip." At this level, you will discover the right purpose and power of "cracking the whip." We'll get down to the nitty gritty of trust, teamwork and leadership!

    What you'll learn in this symposium:
    - Setting vision and giving direction
    - The roles of ownership and possession
    - Trust on Task (watch video)
    - Whip Cracking 101 -- You can do it!

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(Symposiums can be scheduled/attended independently of the others, but the best investment as a leader is to go through all three and in order.)

"Leadership is giving direction and going there together."

Andre' Picou

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Leadership Symposiums