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Ever thought a horse could make understanding the Bible simple?

Through innovative horse-training methods, Andre' and his equine "assistant" illustrate simple biblical truths that will strengthen your relationship with Christ and give you more purpose in your life.

Just a few life-changing principles you’ll learn:

  • Similarities between discipleship and horse training
  • An in-depth look at what Psalm 26:2 means
  • The difference between religion and relationship
  • Parameters for effective parenting

Sometimes, it's easy to forget even a good sermon or Bible message. Plus it can be difficult to make the Bible relevant to non-Christians.

With Andre’s illustrative message, you’ll not only receive life-changing principles to apply to your every day, but you’ll have a literal demonstration etched in your memory to easily share Christ with others.

Contact Andre' to get more info or schedule a demonstration for your group.

Try My Reins

An illustrative study based on Psalm 26:2 - "...try my reins and my heart."

Andre' Picou

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