Sure Foundation Program
This program will develop your un-started horse from the ground up. Using principles of mutual respect your horse will learn basic manners and get a rock solid foundation under saddle.

Two-Week Tune-Up

Perfect for a horse that has had some time off or who will be getting prepared for more serious riding. This accelerated program will bring them back up to speed and ready to do a great job.

Colt Kindergarten
There’s no better way to prepare your youngster to be a good partner than by starting their education early. The Kindergarten program teaches your 6-18 month old how to be handled - and starts stacking the building blocks that will give them the advantage when being started under saddle later in life.

Progressive Riding
A good horseman (or horsewoman) strives for improvement. Whether you have been riding for 20 years or 2 months there is always room to be better for your horse. Andre' can pinpoint where to develop your skills and will break down his methods in ways anyone can understand.

Available in Private or Group sessions

Relationship Training
While riding skills are an important piece of the puzzle the relationship you have with your horse is the glue that keeps it all together. In this program you will learn how to strengthen that bond all while instilling respectful habits in your partner.
Available in Private or Group sessions

Purchase Evaluations
Pretty is as pretty does! When buying a new horse you don’t want to base your decision on looks alone. Andre' will help assess your potential cohort and will make sure you are setting yourself up for success by choosing something that is appropriate for you.

Clinics & Seminars
Have saddle will travel! We are happy to bring these programs to you as well as to personalize them based on your group’s interests and goals.

Horse & Rider Education

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